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    Senior Project

    As a theatre major, during my senior year I have to come up with a project that will reflect my knowledge and skills that I have attained over the years spent at college. I decided to design a theoretical clothing line, three men’s outfits and three women’s, and ended up making one. The outfits were designed with specific minorities in mind. I made a black satin dress with pearl overlay fabric flatlined to the top pieces. The outcome matches the design pretty well, as my actual grade reflected. The idea behind the design was to create a dress for a plus-sized business woman, who is Autistic and runs her own…

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    Vintage style Overalls

    I recently finished working on a pair of vintage overalls for my father. He has been looking for a pair of overalls for a long while, and couldn’t find anything he liked. So, I offered to make him some. The general design is based off a pair I own. Though his overalls are significantly different than mine, as they are fleece lined and the construction is different. Below are some photos of my dad in his new outfit. admin

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    Completed: Mens formal button up shirt

    This shirt took me a couple days long then I expected, but it was worth the time! I made it to fit myself, and it fits perfectly. I had run out of muslin, and so was not able to make a mock up. I was concerned I would get to the end and it wouldn’t fit as well as I had hoped. I did alter the patterns slightly and check regularly to avoid this problem. Considering this was my first time making a formal shirt, I consider this a success! I used the pattern below (choosing the classic fit) and watched the video linked underneath to help guide me through…

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    Pajama Bottoms

    I used some red and black flannel fabric to make my dad a pair of pajama shorts. Unfortunately, I did not have enough fabric for full length pants. I used a pattern I bought from Joann Fabrics, which is shown below. I didn’t bother making a mockup for the shorts, because of the fact that it is lounge wear and I’m using elastic for the waistband. They turned out pretty well! admin